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AV Bird Hatchery


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Hatchery Choice Ducks is an assortment of all breeds of ducks that AV Bird Hatchery hatches, including crested ducks, which have not been sold as specific breeds of ducks. Of all types of poultry, ducks are the easiest to raise. They are efficient producers of meat, excellent foragers and resistant to cold or wet weather. Ducks are useful in controlling unwanted plants in ponds and serve as insect, snail and slug exterminators. Together with having many practical attributes, ducks are beautiful, fun to watch and make excellent pets. A small flock of ducks can transform just another pond into a center of attraction and provide hours of entertainment.

Crested ducks may be included in any duck order.

Chickens   12
Guinea Fowl Keets 15
Ducks 8
Geese 8
Pheasants  Chicks 30
Chukars Chicks 50
Quail Chicks 50


The minimum orders are in place to help the chicks remain warm during transportation