Purchasing Policy

SELECTING A SHIPPING DATE for your Birds or Eggs

AV Bird Hatchery tries to the best of our ability to honor the selected ship date a customer requested.  SHIPPING DATES REQUESTED BY CUSTOMERS ARE NOT A GUARANTEE THAT YOUR BIRDS WILL SHIP ON THAT DATE. There is often a time lapse between items selling out and the website being update.   Customer are notified of the first available ship date close to their requested ship date via email as soon as the order has been processed.  All prices and specifications on this website are subject to change without prior notice. The information that appears on this website is reliable but not guaranteed.


AV Bird Hatchery guarantees 90% on sexing accuracy.  If you receive more than 10% of males in a pullet order of 25 or more, AV Bird Hatchery will refund the difference between pullet and male price for all extra males. We do not guarantee the sex when male chicks are purchased.  We do not know the percentage of males and females in straight run chicks.

All poultry will be boxed according to the weather, so the poultry will have the best chance of survival. Breeds and sexes will be mixed. Unless indicated by you, breeds and sexes will not be marked.


AV Bird Hatchery drop ships for other hatcheries and some of our orders are also fulfilled by other hatcheries when we have a high demand or for items that we do not carry.  Orders are shipped from our local hatchery or from another partnering hatchery whichever is deemed best by AV Bird Hatchery.  

.20 per chick.  The vaccine used is a live virus vaccine.

We guarantee 100% live delivery of poultry paid for. Please examine the poultry at the time of delivery to be sure they arrived in good condition. If the shipment arrived in poor condition, immediately notify US. We cannot ship small orders under the minimums listed on our site.  The cost of lost chicks will be refunded at our discretion. WE MUST BE NOTIFIED BY PHONE OF LOSSES WITHIN 2 DAYS FOLLOWING ARRIVAL OF BIRDS TO POST OFFICE.  THERE IS NO GUARANTEE IF BIRDS ARE LEFT AT THE POST OFFICE OR NOT PICKED UP IN TIME.


All hatching eggs are shipped USPS Priority mail 2-3 days shipping. 

All eggs are fresh and collected the days before the ship date. 

You will be notified when your order is scheduled to ship. Shipping is available only to the lower 48 states. 

We want to see your hatching success and are committed to getting your hatching eggs to you as quickly and as safely as we can. While we take all precautions to ensure safe arrival of your hatching eggs, we cannot guarantee how they are handled once shipped. Once eggs have shipped, AV BIRD HATCHERY is not responsible for how they are handled or incubated. Rough handling, extreme temperatures, poor incubation practices can adversely affect hatch rates and may cause the eggs to lose fertility. There are inherent risks when shipping eggs and eggs may not develop due to rough handling, extreme weather, or some other issue. These issues are out of our hands, buyers should know that AV BIRD HATCHERY does not guarantee a hatching rate or fertility. 

AV BIRD HATCHERY cannot give refunds on hatching eggs or guarantee the hatching success of your eggs. 

By ordering from AV BIRD HATCHERY, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the terms of our hatching egg policy.

If your eggs are damaged -- Please take photos of all of the damage eggs in one picture and a second picture of the damaged box. We will file a claim with USPS and resend eggs when available or issue a refund. 

Live poultry can be a source of potentially harmful microorganisms; therefore, precautions must be taken when handling and caring for them, to prevent fecal/oral transmission among people. Adults must supervise children when they handle poultry to make sure they do not put their hands or fingers into their mouths. Do not keep baby poultry in the family living space. Always wash your hands with soap and water after handling poultry.

Upon arrival of your baby poultry, read “TIPS FOR TAKING CARE OF BABY POULTRY” which is printed on the back of your invoice. Seller warrants that the poultry described in the order will be in good condition, so far as can reasonably be determined, at the time of delivery by Seller, who has exercised flock control, egg selection, production, and handling methods (including established sanitary and disease control standards) generally accepted in the industry. It is understood, agreed, and considered reasonable that THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE POULTRY THAN THOSE SPECIFICALLY STATED IN THIS AGREEMENT, AND SELLER SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANT OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS OF THE POULTRY.

The seller’s liability for any reason whatsoever shall be limited to the amount paid for the goods or services claimed to be defective, and that in no event shall Seller be held liable for any consequential or incidental damages. By acceptance of the poultry, the Buyer acknowledges that the limitations and disclaimers herein set forth are conditions of the sale, and constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding warranty or other liabilities and the remedy therefore.