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AV Bird Hatchery

Chukar Partridge Redleg CHICKS (PRE ORDERS FOR 2025) (Free Shipping)

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Minimum Order is 25 Chicks

The Chukar/Redleg Partridges are small flighty birds.  These birds are great for hunting dogs trainings and fun activities.  Some of the best tasting birds in the world.  These birds are a favorite addition to gamebird hunts; they hold well in cover and get up and go when flushed. The Chukar/Redleg is a cross between the Chukar Partridge and the French Redleg Partridge. This mix results in the Chukar/Redleg being slightly smaller and wilder than a regular Chukar Partridge.

Chickens   12
Guinea Fowl Keets 15
Ducks 8
Geese 8
Pheasants  Chicks 30
Chukars Chicks 50
Quail Chicks 50


The minimum orders are in place to help the chicks remain warm during transportation