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AV Bird Hatchery

30 Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs (pick Up Only)

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Farm Fresh Eggs (White, Brown, Green)

  • We bring the Freshest Eggs conveniently to your door. 
  • Eggs are delivered once or twice a month. 
  • Eggs come in sets of 30 Eggs per tray.
  • You buy more and save. 
  • We do not add any hormones or give antibiotics to our chickens. 
  • Our Chickens are grown outside in the sun and with plenty of room to run and eat insects (which they love).  
Chickens   12
Guinea Fowl Keets 15
Ducks 8
Geese 8
Pheasants  Chicks 30
Chukars Chicks 50
Quail Chicks 50


The minimum orders are in place to help the chicks remain warm during transportation