Khaki Campbell ducks -- The Egg Machine

Khaki Campbell ducks -- The Egg Machine

Khaki Campbell ducks, renowned for their remarkable egg production, have been a popular choice among poultry enthusiasts and commercial farmers. Originating in England, these ducks are a crossbreed, primarily derived from Mallards, Rouens, and Runners, and are named after their breeder, Mrs. Adele Campbell.  Find the best breeders on our website: 

Egg Production:

Khaki Campbell ducks are exceptional egg layers, outperforming many chicken breeds. On average, a healthy Khaki Campbell can lay between 250 to 300 eggs per year. Their eggs are larger than chicken eggs, typically weighing about 70 grams, and have a rich, flavorful taste. The peak laying period for these ducks is between their 5th and 24th months of age. Notably, their egg production is less influenced by changes in daylight, allowing for consistent laying throughout the year.


The primary use of Khaki Campbell ducks is for egg production. However, they are also valued for their meat, which is lean and flavorful. In small farms and homesteads, they serve as excellent foragers, helping control pests and weeds. Additionally, their droppings enrich the soil, making them beneficial for gardens and crop fields.


1. High Egg Yield: Their prolific egg-laying capabilities make them a cost-effective choice for farmers and homesteaders.
2. Adaptability: Khaki Campbells adapt well to various climates and environments, from free-range conditions to confined spaces.
3. Sustainability: As efficient foragers, they reduce the need for supplemental feed and contribute to pest control.
4. Soil Improvement: Their droppings are a natural fertilizer, enhancing soil fertility.
5. Low Maintenance: These ducks are hardy, requiring minimal care compared to other poultry.


Khaki Campbell ducks are known for their calm and docile nature, making them suitable for mixed flocks. They are relatively quiet compared to other duck breeds, which is advantageous for urban or suburban settings. While they are sociable among their flock, they can be shy around humans and prefer not to be handled.

Khaki Campbell ducks present a valuable addition to any poultry project or farm. Their exceptional egg production, beneficial ecological impact, and easygoing temperament make them a preferred choice for both seasoned and novice poultry keepers. As sustainable and efficient producers, they not only contribute to food security but also support ecological balance in farming systems.