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Type: Standard Chicks
Origin: USA
Purpose: Layer
Availability: Mid Jan - End of Oct
Comb Type: Pea
Egg Color: Olive Green
Egg Size: Large
Rate of Lay: 200/Year
Broodiness: No
Temperament: Docile
Leg Style: Clean
Heat Tolerance: Tolerates Well
Cold Tolerance: Hardy
Mature Male Weight: 6.5 lbs
Mature Female Weight: 4.5 lbs


 Ameraucanas were bred from chickens imported from Peru. The APA officially accepted Ameraucana as a breed in 1984.

The characteristic muff and beard of the Ameraucana are present in U.K. Araucana as these traits are present in the Mapuche and Quechua de Artes founder stock imported into Europe from the Falkland Islands.

The fully feathered faces of the founder stock are of vital importance as they insulate the birds against the frigid cold of southern coastal South America.

In about 1976 a group of people imported some Chilean Araucanas. At least one of these people kept his flock breeding only among themselves. Chicks from their blue eggs looked similar to the British tailed Araucanas and the Ameraucanas, however most do not meet the standards of true breeds.

Chickens   12
Guinea Fowl Keets 15
Ducks 8
Geese 8
Pheasants  Chicks 30
Chukars Chicks 50
Quail Chicks 50


The minimum orders are in place to help the chicks remain warm during transportation